One of the many difficulties surrounding racial discourse is the power structure’s ability to shift and skew the dialogue.  Knowledge of where we have been and how the concepts of race and racism have shifted over time is paramount for future positive actions to take hold.  This session will explore examples of these historical shifts and the role educators and advocates have as we seek to develop socially just leaders. 

Listed below is a sample of the work Art has done for various organizations.  Any of these subject areas and more can be drawn upon to tailor a workshop to fit your needs.

Workshops & Retreats

The idea of conducting diversity education for the first time presenter can be a nerve-racking experience.  The many competing fears of appearing too ignorant to be effective or too self-serving to be taken seriously can scare away far too many educators from having their ideas heard.  This workshop will examine the pitfalls to avoid while examining the roadblocks that all presenters have to overcome.  While the goal of this workshop is not to alleviate all the fears related to diversity education, the hope is that it will normalize them and give tools to succeed.

Color by Number

Ethics and Leadership: Making Choices for Social Justice

This session sits at the productive nexus of two important fields: leadership ethics and social justice.  We will explore how leadership and choice-making are informed by both our ethical values and our privileged and oppressed social identities.  This session challenges participants to connect their beliefs to their actions in the pursuit of socially just leadership.  The session ends with a skills-based section about how to negotiate difficult dialogues.  This is a lively and active workshop.

The Basics of Diversity Training

The above topics, along with many other additional resources, can be used to craft a unique retreat for your organization. This increased investment of time works to create stronger teams advocating for social justice.
Depending on the size of your group, Art often chooses to bring along a partner to co-facilitate these experiences.

Racism: Then, Now & Tomorrow

Bystander Intervention:

Stand Against, Don't Stand By!

This interactive workshop, based upon the book available through Stylus Publishing, presents a fact-based, antiracism curriculum for diversity education. Sadly, still today, we must devote significant time and energy convincing people that racism is chronic and pervasive in society. Since the election of Barack Obama, we have been plagued with a wave of colorblind rhetoric dismissive of the ever-present reality of racism. In contemporary diversity education efforts, educators are adept at utilizing people’s stories to uncover the insidious reality of racism; but, in an increasingly data-driven world, those wishing to advocate for justice must arm themselves with the facts and stats supporting their claims.

In this workshop we will trace these facts and stats on racism through the health care system, environmental justice, juvenile justice, K-12 education, and higher education. This workshop ends with an intentional discussion on our responsibility to be social change agents. Everyone from executives to students have levels of influence in their lives. We will trace those levels, calibrate our ambitions, and plot paths forward in this movement.

Traditional diversity education focuses on the roles of perpetrator and victim as it relates to discrimination.  However, we will more often fill the role of the bystander during such instances and too few of us have the skills and confidence to intercede.  This bystander intervention workshop is designed to empower bystanders to assist others in dangerous and harmful situations.

 In this workshop we explore where the "bystander effect" comes from, how we can overcome it, and what skills are necessary to become engaged bystanders.  A community of effective and engaged bystanders is one of the strongest tools we have in combating the effects of discrimination in society.

Below is a short video description of this workshop