Next Steps as a Social Change Agent
The Leaky Pipeline: Access to Higher Education
Back of the School Bus: K – 12 Education
Criminals or Children?: Juvenile Justice
Race, Space, and Place: Environmental Justice
Preventing Medicine: Healthcare Access
For each chapter in the book I have created a short, introductory video.
This book is published through  Stylus Publishing.

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Color by Number

Many deny that racism remains pervasive in America today. How can we open eyes to the continuing disadvantages that keep many people of color from fulfilling their potential and having an equal chance to achieve the “American Dream”?

By presenting the impact of racism on the most innocent and powerless members of society– children of color – in the form of statistics, this book hopes to change attitudes and perceptions.

Children have no say about where they are born or what school they attend. They have no control over whether or not they get medical treatment when they fall ill. They can’t avoid exposure if home is in a community blighted by pollution. The questions this book poses are: What responsibility do we expect children to take for their life circumstances? Do those conditions blight their futures? If they aren’t responsible, who is? Are some in society privileged and complicit in denying people of color the advantages and protections from harm most of us take for granted?